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Patrick McGrath - Trauma

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Patrick McGrath talks to Nicola Barranger about the themes and inspirations behind his new novel Trauma.

Patrick McGrath


Written in the first person as a psychological thriller, Trauma sees the world through the eyes of Charlie Weir - who tells us "My mother's first depressive illness occurred when I was seven years old, and I felt it was my fault."

Who better then, he thinks to enter the world of psychiatry in the late seventies trying to help those with the newly labelled condition "post-traumatic stress disorder" as they return from the Vietnam war.

Patrick McGrath tells Nicola Barranger from The Interview Online how the aftermath of events of September 11th 2001 inspired him to create the character of a psychiatrist who needed to look into his own family life as he attempted to help a returning Vietnam Veteran at the end of the 1970s.


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