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Carsten Jensen - We, the Drowned

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Audio slideshow interview with Danish Author Carsten Jensen

Carsten Jensen

We, the Drowned


Carsten Jensen - author of We, the Drowned - talks to The Interview Online about his now famous novel, which has already won the Danske Banks Litteraturpris, the Danish equivalent of The Man Booker Prize.

Five years in the writing, this nearly 700 page epic (beautifully translated by Charlotte Barslund and Emma Ryder) tells a host of tales and adventures about  a community of Danish sailors whose home was a small island in the Baltic.

Over the century which the novel spans, we follow the "Boys from Marstal"  literally all over the world. The expression "worse things happen at sea" was never more appropriate.

In this audio slideshow which includes archive photographs from the Danish Maritime Museum.


Selected as one of the Finantial Times Best Books of the Year

Carsten Jensen Sm Interview & Photos NB/TIO

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This is what Barbara wrote...

The interview with the author has added to my enjoyment of one of the best books I have ever read. And I have read a lot of books in 79 plus years. I want all my friends to read it so I can talk about it with them and make the experience last and last. The interview with the author has increased my understanding of and pleasure in the book. Well done, Carsten!

Carsten Jensen - We, the Drowned

I think it was a great interview. It was good to hear how he researched the book, and about the stories he found. I wondered myself how much was true. I only wish the interview had been a little longer.Great to have a book about some of my ancestors--- Rita Mortenson Hawes