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Alaa al Aswany - Chicago

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Following the huge success of The Yacoubian Building Egyptian writer Alaa al Aswany talks about his new novel Chicago

Alaa al Aswany


Like The Yacoubian Building, Alaa al Aswany's latest novel Chicago has a large cast of characters.

In this case though the individuals are American and Egyptians who for various reasons are connected to the University's Medical School where al Asway himself studied in the mid 1980'

As well as talking about the novel, in this video he tells Nicola Barranger about the rôe that literature has to play in an undemocratic country and what the west and Islam have to learn from each other.

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  • Nicole FRAYSSE from Mallorca wrote..

Thanks for this very interesting interview! I read The Yacoubian Building (I read it in french, so: l´Immeuble Yaccoubian) and enjoyed the book very much: the subject itself and also the very beautiful style of the writer, I´m a worshipper of Egypt! I long for reading Chicago now.

Thanks again; it is even much more interesting to read the books when you have seen and heard the writer himself!


Alaa al Aswany Sm

Alaa al Aswany - Chicago