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About The Interview Online

Nicky Lg

Editor Nicola Barranger

It would be very easy to roll off a cliché and just say that The Interview Online is unique.

Rather let it be described as one of its kind, or if we want to stick our neck out.... a pioneering site.

Here you will be able to listen to high standard audio and podcast interviews with authors, playwrights, directors and other artists in Britain.


Sadly high production values (for which the UK was once famed) are becoming increasingly rare.

In this internet age an audio only interview may not satisfy which is why we get out the camera to take shots of the writer although true audio aficionados will know that the pictures are always better with just sound

The majority of interviews are conducted by Nicola Barranger. She developed The Interview Online when she realised that more and more people are demanding ever increasingly diverse audio at the click of a mouse. Nicky has worked as a producer and presenter, mainly with BBC World Service and more recently with BBC Radio 4.

Working in documentary radio, Nicky has covered subjects ranging from the problems of retiring from a life in ballet, to the Biafran war via the life of the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Working mainly in features and magazine programme she has interviewed a vast range of creative  individuals from the great American writer Arthur Miller to Bernard Haitink, Judi Dench, Tom Stoppard and Sir Peter Hall

Nicky now turns to the Internet to offer listeners worldwide the opportunity listen to BBC style interviews

Working to Order

The Interview Online is totally editorially independent - however we do also work to commission for your own site.  Please get in touchfor more details.

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