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Fiction Uncovers eight excellent writers

22 May 2011 by Nicky

Last week we had a very pleasant surprise. It concerned one of those drinkies, which very occasionally one gets invited to. In this case Fiction Unlimited. Who? Well hopefully by this time next year they will have a higher profile and many of you will have heard about them. It's an outfit who are trying to highlight writers who so easily fall off the journalists' radars and get overlooked by the chattering classes - or more importantly by the judges who throw prize crumbs from the large table of high profile  book awards. The aim of Fiction Uncovered was to highlight eight writers who in their opinion, readers really ought to know about. OK you might argue that by only choosing eight, each is a winner, but that's another blogpost.

But back to the phwah phwah drinks at Waterstone's in Piccadilly, heart of London's book buying community. First person I see is an old mate from BBC days, whom I knew had been writing on the commute between Brighton (on the south coast) and Broadcasting House (in central London), but whom I hadn't realised had published nine novels. So here is the formal apology to Chris PaLindsay Clarke Smling. I owe you Chris, we need to get you on the site and your book Nimrod's Shadow.

And then amongst the writers was Lindsay Clarke for The Water Theatre whom we interviewed last year . It is beautifully written and stays with you a long time after you've finished. A lovely gentleman to boot, there he was with his publishers (Alma Books) tapping me on the shoulder to say hello.

Most of the other writer were also there, all of whom I'd love to interview, but sadly one needs a parallel life to fit it all in.

Other news is that Michael Arditti's interview is now on the site and we are really Michael Arditti Smlooking forward to interviewing Justin Cartwright next week about Other People's Money. Now if you want to understand what goes on in the minds of top bankers as they spend the dosh from the title, get yourself a copy. We've interviewed him before (audio only, so do we do video this time?) so it's lovely that he is happy for me to invade his office a second time. We have to formally thank our BBC colleague Mike Popham for introducing us to Justin.





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